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Mathias Rechtzigel is a developer, user experience designer and digital strategist located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His career has been focused on building better Front End Experiences for many Fortune 100 and 500 clients – Best Buy, Cenex Harvest Systems, United Health Group, Starkey Hearing Technology, Fortune Brand Home and Security, U.S. Bancorp, TCF Bank.

He bridges the experience between development, design, user experience and digital strategy and as a teacher he helps foster a deeper level of understanding for the individual teams about the broader digital landscape, and brings a holistic view of who the user is — Content Author, Customer, Product Owner, Client — and helps create an optimized solution that fulfills the needs of all.

He is also an advocate for creating repeatable processes and creating advocates throughout the organization. Frequently projects — like design systems — are pitched as one off projects that can be completed in 3 months. Mathias bring’s a perspective these larger initiatives have to be slowly, but methodically incorporated into projects and learning have to be taken away and acted on or the initiative will slowly wither under the scrutiny of public opinion.

As a teacher, Mathias has increased development literacy across disciplines so that designers can better understand the medium that they are working with, and reducing the amount of time that it takes to make the actual website look exactly like the design artifacts without sacrificing performance, accessibility and search engine optimization.

Mathias is passionate about sharing his expertise and is frequently seen helping non-profit organizations across the Twin Cities that are focused on creating health and financial equity for young people.

If you have an exciting project I would love to hear about it. Please send a message to: hello@mathiasrechtzigel.com

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Headshot of Mathias Rechtzigel with some sweet lazers in the background. Like the type you would find in a cheesy Sears photoshoot. Yeah those ones.

Mathias Rechtzigel is a web creator, his skills range from development, design, user experience and sometimes content creation.

He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his partner (Ellen), dog (Bard), and two cats ( Pippi & Misti ).

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