v1 is Launched

Proud to announce the launch of — it is a Headless WordPress + NextJS website focused on sharing health educational resources.

My partner is a director of sexuality education at a local non-profit and I thought I would help contribute to the mix!

The first version is going to stay where it’s at for a bit, and just build up some of the articles over time. I have some plans for some additional tools such as a calorie calculator and workout planner, and some social media bits such as a progress picture before / after platform for people to share their stories. builds on some of the areas of my web expertise that I feel could be leveled up a bit more — Marketing and SEO.

I hope to build up more content over time and start sharing it out on social media platforms once I have a solid base of information so that it feels more “real”.

The thing that I’m really proud of is that the dev-ops part of the build out was super slick. I had struggled over a couple of days on how to get the DNS set up with a decoupled api / front end architecture but this time around I was able to do it in about 30 minutes.

So that’s pretty cool!

You can take a look at it over at


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Headshot of Mathias Rechtzigel with some sweet lazers in the background. Like the type you would find in a cheesy Sears photoshoot. Yeah those ones.

Mathias Rechtzigel is a web creator, his skills range from development, design, user experience and sometimes content creation.

He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his partner (Ellen), dog (Bard), and two cats ( Pippi & Misti ).

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