Making my next big thing.

Over the past month I’ve been playing around with a bunch of ideas — rebuilding my website and building and a few other small other items. I have to say that I’ve been more productive this past month than I have since I first started developing and I was a voracious in my learning.

My next big project is something a little bit more aspirational. The largest problem that I have faced in my career — and it’s not technical.

TheĀ  balance between professional development and business needs is fairly precarious. What is good for the goose sometimes isn’t good for the gander — and unfortunately in my career I’ve worked with a lot of individuals that have felt ‘trapped’.

Not having the support of managers leads to a systemic issue across an organization — if a manager is creating goals and of a small percentage of an organization then a culture of ‘unfairness’ is going to be created. While sometimes aren’t fair in business — we can always do better to create a level playing field.

That’s why the next thing I’m building is a tool — — that empowers teams to better manage documentation, performance and goal setting and make them transparent to the entire organization so that:

  1. Managers are held accountable for helping in their goal setting.
  2. Peers can also help people move toward those goals.

I’m quickly building the user interfaces this week, at which point I’ll go around and get some feedback from various organizations. After getting some feedback I’ll finally hook up the backend, build out a marketing website and then get it launched!

Should be a pretty quick turnaround — hopefully have something public facing in the middle of September.

Here’s to hoping!



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