Retro – — Week #1

Last week I finished up  the first version and have put it on the back burner. I may come back to it in a bit once Ellen has some more free time. She’s my resident expert with a Master’s of Public Health in Community Health Promotion — and she mentioned that she wanted to take a crack at it.

So what am I doing now?

As a frequent consultant I see the frustration that many of us short term workers have with the processes that are put in place at the organizations that we work with. If there is any documentation at all, it is usually sorely lacking the necessary details for everyone to feel comfortable that they have everything that they need to succeed.

In addition to that there is always a lack of organization around ‘professional development’ for everyone within the organization. Frequently individuals that I work with don’t fully understand what they’re future looks like within an organization — and even temporary workers would have better performance if they felt that the organization that they were engaging with cared about their professional growth.

So what am I doing about it?

I’m building — a SaaS product aimed at organizations who care about the growth of their employees. TrailGuide will serve as — well — a guide for companies to follow that solves the following problems:

  1. Organization of documentation and repeatable tasks( Onboarding Documentation, Employee Handbook etc )
  2. Tracking people within Projects and Departments.
  3. Tracking goals for everyone within the organization. solves two obvious gaps: general documentation within organizations and the relationships that employees and managers have with each other.

What did I build this week?

This week I designed and built out the front end of the following pages:

  1. Dashboard Template
  2. ProfileTemplate
  3. ProjectTemplate
  4. Department Template
  5. Organization Template
  6. Goals Template
  7. Documentation Template

These are all built in NextJS — which was a little bit of a mistake because I think that I’ll need to switch it back over to vanilla react to get some of the Firebase functionalities that I want included.

Next week I’ll be hooking up all of the data structure and administrative functionality — doing all of the CRUD functionality.


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