Retro – — Week #2

Couple of days late for this one due to the labor day holiday — Ellen and I took a roadtrip up to Ann Arbor Michigan which was really fun. Not as many goofy roadside attractions as I would like to hit up but we did see a fun little “Dinosaur Farm” in Michigan that had some amazing tacos that I’m sure I’ll check out again the next time I’m driving through Michigan.

So Week #2 — how much did I get accomplished? Unfortunately not as much as I would have liked — most of the week was spent getting up to speed on using Firebase and Firestore. I’m opting to go with a Backend as a service for the first iteration of the application — backend is definitely not my strong suit and I don’t want to get stuck in a position where I have absolutely no idea what to do with backend performance when I’m scaling up — I’m bootstrapping everything myself so knowing my weaknesses is definitely one of my strengths — haha.

I was able to get some basic data saved to Firestore, which allows me to template out that little bit of functionality for everything else — the great thing about this project is that the data structure is relatively the same for each of the three types of objects — so as long as I keep everything in check the data should stay relatively shallow.

I also pushed out a quick little marketing page to Nothing to fancy, took a couple of hours to put it together but it allows me to point to something when someone asks “Hey, what are you working on?”. I have a couple of items lined up for it — like adding a blog so I can try to push some of that “content marketing” juice for some of the keywords that people would be searching for — like creating a culture of mentorship and setting individual and group goals — but we’ll see how it goes, I have a ton of work on my plate when it comes to getting the actual application out the door.

Week #3 is going to be pretty exciting! I have a meeting with a local business owner, and this will be one of my first meetings about Trailguide with someone at that level — other than that I’ll keep jamming on the functionality — hopefully getting much of the actual data creation out of the way.

Peace and love!

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