Retro – Week 3 / 4

I’m approaching a 50 day coding streak on Github — which is kind of disingenuous because the first week after my previous gig I was spending time running through tutorials and figuring hacking on a bunch of stuff I didn’t commit.

It got me thinking that developers are one of the only professions out there that measure the items they craft by “days” instead of by final results. You can take a look at someones github and see an entire wall of green squares and once you start digging into what they actually make, it’s just an automated bot that makes some crappy commits to a readme. It’s really interesting that some recruiters use that green swatch as one of their metrics to gage the effectiveness of a developer.

Week 3 was really interesting — I had a meeting with JJ and after talking through my trailguide project — one of the things that stuck out was that there could be an emphasis on consulting, and guiding organizations.

The initial project was a little too ambitious for my current timeline — both technically and by means of convincing people to use it. The scope of the project would only be successful if a critical mass of individuals within an organization would adopt the project — unfortunately I don’t think I could build out the amount of software, convince people to use it, get people to pay for it, AND THEN finally get people to convert. It’s too massive of a project and I don’t think I have enough time — I had to narrow down my scope to a small problem that actually solves a single problem within my ideal process.

After noodling on that a bit more I pivoted my project efforts during Week 4 — to solve the “post it note” dilemma that comes with following a google design sprint methodology and having remote teams.

Design teams start putting ideas down on post it notes — stick them to a wall and then have to take photos of the walls and send them to everyone who isn’t in the room.

Then issues arise because not everyone can be stuck to a webex all day, it’s challenging to vote on ideas, it’s challenging to send people the post it notes that you want to be up on the wall and have them categorized the way that you want them to, and ultimately it defeats the purpose of collaborating.

And then I get a stack of post-it notes and 2 days to build a fully fledged working prototype — which is the part I absolutely love.

My goal is to have this completed and available for people to sign up by October 8th — just in time for Minnesota Startup Week — where I can show it off and also pitch my process.  Little over three weeks away but I think I’m pretty close to having this bad boy out the door.

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